fbpx Join the Post-Rock Party with Shuhari

The instrumental post-rock trio Shuhari are gearing up to release their newest album, “TENPI. The release will be on sale for the first time on the 1st of June at their release party held at the venue “FEVER’, the place that only last month hosted artists such as rap rock band “WHY?” and looping master “Dustin Wong”.

Shuhari’s powerful sound is created by smooth transitions between effect-ridden guitar parts supported by solid and calculated drumming. Each song takes you through a carefully constructed journey of ever expanding levels.

They will be supported by the grunge metal band “ampcharwar” and experimentalists “TRANSKAM”. It will be an energetic night charged with some of the best music from Tokyo’s underground scene.

Get your tickets through either Lawson ticket (73109), ticket-pia (332-600), or on the door.

 Fever Live House

(Shin Daita) Hosted by TRANCE FACT


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