fbpx Tokyo Underground - January 2019

Tokyo has a thriving punk and hardcore scene. Unfortunately, it can be a little too “underground” for foreigners visiting and living in Japan. Shows aren’t always easy to find, and venues can sell out before you even learn who the lineup is. This series covers our top picks for upcoming shows in Tokyo.

Terror / Stick To Your Guns


Genre: Hardcore punk / Melodic Hardcore / Metalcore

Price: 4,500 yen (Adv) / 5,500 yen (door) (Tickets)

1/18 (Fri)  Tokyo, Shinjuku ACB Hall
1/19 (Sat) Shizuoka Numazu, POCO
1/20 (Sun) Osaka, Socore Factory
1/21 (Mon) Nagoya, 3Star Imaike
1/22 (Tue) Tokyo, Shibuya Game

After just only a year, Terror and Stick To Your Guns are back in Japan. Both bands are touring new albums— Total Retaliation and True View respectively. Last year’s show sold out quickly, so don’t expect to turn up at the venue on the day of the show and get in. Shinjuku’s ACB Hall is one of our favorite venues for hardcore. The stage is low and knowing Terror frontman Scott Vogel’s pension for stage dive requests, you’re in for a really good time.

While She Sleeps / Annalynn / Paledusk


Genre: Metalcore

Price: 5,500 yen (Adv) / 6,500 yen (door) (Tickets)

1/22 (Tue)  Tokyo, Daikanyama Unit

Metalcore fans might already know the English band While She Sleeps from Sheffield, but if you aren’t familiar with Thailand’s Annalynn and Japan’s own Paledusk, you’re definitely missing out. This is a legit metalcore lineup, and Daikanyama’s Unit is the perfect venue for it.


Full Lineup.

Genre: Punk / Hardcore

Price: 2,000 yen (Adv) / 2,300 yen (door) (Tickets)

1/6 (Sun)  Tokyo, Nishi-Ogikubo Pit Bar

If you want to experience true Tokyo hardcore, then this is the show for you. Most of these bands have deeps roots in the scene for years now. For a taste, check out “Voice Our Opinion” by Filthy Hate and these most righteous jams from Falling Down’s “Believe.” The Pit Bar is the kind of small and intimate venue hardcore fans are used to, so expect to get swept up in the pit.

More Shows

Antiknock, Shinjuku


Genre: Hardcore / Metal / Punk

Date: 1/14 (Sat) (Facebook)

Price: 1,900 yen (Adv) / 2,200 yen (Door)

Earthdom, Ogikubo

SxOxB, Butcher ABC, Self Deconstruction, WORLD END MAN, Preparationset, Sunday Bloody Sunday

Genre: Hardcore / Metal / Grindcore

Date: 1/14 (Sat) (Tickets)

Price: 2,500 yen (Adv) / 3,000 yen (Door)

El Puente, Yokohama

DISASTER, F.O.H, RYDEEN, TURBOHALER (from Norway), VERITAS CONC.75, WRATH OF NOAH, 毒桜アンジェリクス, マスダアユム

Genre: Hardcore / Punk / Metal

Date: 1/5 (Sat) (Facebook)

Price: 2,500 yen (Price includes ramen. Seriously.)

KGR(n), Kagurazaka

AKBK, Napalm Death Is Dead, HUH, FDF, umm, Turbohaler, WestTokyoPanicSyndicate

Genre:  Metal / Experimental / Hardcore

Date: 1/19 (Sat) (Website)

Price: 1,500 yen (Adv) / 2,000 yen (Door)

Wall, Shinjuku

Fair Do’s (UK)

Genre:  Hardcore / Pop Punk / Melodic Hardcore

Date: 1/9 (Wed) (Facebook)

Price: 2,000 yen (Adv) / 3,000 yen (Door)


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