fbpx 6 One Piece Mysteries Yet to Be Solved

Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece, recently announced that the long-running manga is 80 percent complete. The time-frame for completion is hard to judge, especially considering Oda’s other wonky predictions in the past regarding the series’ completion status.

Still, if the story is heading toward its completion, that means there are a lot of riddles to solve between now and the eventual end. The One Piece world features many interconnected mysteries, and here are 6 of the most important ones that still need answers.

The Poneglyphs and the Void Century

Nico Robin investigates a Poneglyph.

Scattered around the world of One Piece are large stones written in a strange language that only a few can decipher. Luckily, one of the Straw Hats own crew members, Nico Robin, is capable of just such a feat.

The poneglyphs hide a secret history that the naval military, known as the Marines, work hard to suppress. This secret history is known as the Void Century. What happened during those years? And what other secrets do the Poneglyphs hold?

Dr. Vegapunk and the origins of the Devil Fruit

One of the many Devil Fruits of the world.

This elusive scientist has been mentioned on and off throughout the series for a long time. If there’s one thing One Piece is good at, it’s pulling along a story thread and foreshadowing.

We know Vegapunk is related to the development of the Devil Fruits which give so many characters in the One Piece world their strange powers, but we’ve never actually seen the man. The Straw Hats stumbled across his lab during one story arc, but who he actually is and what the Devil Fruits were created for remains a mystery.

What is significance of the initial “D”?

“D” holds huge significance in One Piece.

Monkey D. Luffy, Gol D. Roger, Portgas D. Ace, Marshall D. Teach, and the list goes on. There sure are a lot characters with the initial of “D.” Whenever this this letter has been brought up by those in the know, they’ve recoiled in horror. That still doesn’t bring us any closer to understanding what this initial means.

What even is the One Piece?

The Straw Hat crew’s ultimate goal.

The series takes its name from this treasure, and nobody even knows what it really is. When Gol D. Roger was executed for piracy before the story began, he made a challenge for fellow pirates to find his treasure on the island of Raftel. This declaration ushered in the golden age of piracy, and crews have been chasing that treasure ever since.

No one has found it yet, so what is it? A mountain of gold? The sense of camaraderie that develops when people head out on an adventure together? Nothing? Let’s hope it’s something more akin to the first possibility, because a lot of people have died in pursuit of this thing. Whatever it is.

Knowing the way the One Piece story has played out so far, all of these mysteries will probably relate to each other, but for now we can only guess. These are just a few of the mysteries yet to be solved in the One Piece world. What are you dying to know as the series slowly works its way towards its conclusion?


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