fbpx Concept Art for Studio Ghibli Theme Park Released
Studio Ghibli theme park entrance art

A Studio Ghibli-themed amusement park is currently being planned. The park, which is currently named Ghibli Park, is being created with the most Ghibli of philosophies in mind. Park-goers will enjoy all the fun of an amusement park and the qualities of nature at the same time.

Ghibli Park concept map

Experience nature and amusement at Ghibli Park

The plans are to build Ghibli Park in Aichi Prefecture near the city of Nagoya, about 3 hours west of Tokyo. The 20-hectacre plot of land was the site of the 2005 World’s Fair and is already home to several My Neighbor Totoro-themed buildings, as well as the Dondoko Forest. Hardcore Ghibli fans will recognize this as the dance that Satsuki and Mei perform with Totoro in the film.

Totoro house in Aichi prefecture Japan

Recognize this house from My Neighbor Totoro?

As per usual with amusement parks, there are many rides, attractions, and themed areas from the Studio Ghibli universe that will be brought to life. Just from looking at the concept work, these seem to include Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, and of course, My Neighbor Totoro.

The plans for Ghibli Park are still in their early concept phases. The committee behind the project had originally hoped to have the park open for 2020, presumably for the tourist boom from the Tokyo Olympics. However, this date has been pushed back to 2022.

Concept art for Ghibli Park


It would have been nice to have the park ready for that huge influx of visitors, but it’s probably better that they take their time with it. Along with the Ghibli Museum, this will be a way for fans to experience their favorite films in a totally new and interactive way. Here’s looking at you, 2022.

Source: NHK News Web


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