fbpx FLCL Alternative Episode 6 Review: Full Flat

FLCL Alternative episode 6, “Full Flat,” brings us the much anticipated conclusion to the FLCL sequel seasons. It’s been a long and bumpy ride. Can the staff pull things together in this last 20-minute installment?

That answer is a bit complicated. Things pick up from where they ended last week. Pets has actually left for Mars with her family, and Kana is dealing with the sting of that reality. This has left Hijiri and Mossan to soldier on through the mundanity of daily high-school life on their own.

Having friends sucks.

That is until Haruko shows up and whisks them all off to fantasy once again. Soon, an army of Cantis show up and get swiftly beaten up and Kana ends up opening an interdimensional portal that rips apart spacetime with the power of her feelings.

Come on. Did you actually think you were going to get a sense of closure in this final episode? You are a fool, a foolish fool! I’ve spoken at length throughout the course of my FLCL Progressive and Alternative reviews about how much I despise screen writer Hideto Iwai’s writing. He’s a hack who has no sense of subtlety and couldn’t write a decent piece of dialogue if he plagiarized it to begin with.

Characters just mostly talk at each other.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt during the first two episodes of Alternative, as the season started off fairly subtle and nuanced. All of that flew out the window by episode 3, and hasn’t recovered since.

I know that telling a story about growing up is going to have to have a few cliches. That’s basically what growing up is, but I don’t think Iwai is being ironic or subversive at all when he’s having Kana yell “I love everyone!” as she’s opening that interdimensional portal near this episodes climax. It’s all so cringey and heavy-handed.

…and this happens, too.

Also, suddenly there’s an interdimensional portal that just sucks everything up, including Haruko? What happened to Atomsk? Again, at this point, we shouldn’t be expecting closure or resolutions, but some solid through lines for the main plot would have helped things out immeasurably.

As it stands, FLCL Alternative was a mess. It wasn’t a complete and utter dumpster fire like Progressive, but that’s not really saying much. Both sequels come highly not recommended. Stick with the original series. Forget these exist. And never let Hideto Iwai write another word for the rest of his life.


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