fbpx Can You Guess the Japanese Titles of These Films?

Translation of movie titles for the foreign markets is a natural thing. Most of the time, a direct translation is all you need, but sometimes things go horribly wrong. Japanese titles have a history of creative changes (China too, but that’s for another time). For example, Pixar’s Brave became Merida and the Terrible Forest, The Martian starring Matt Damon became Odyssey, Inside Out became Inside Head.

Inevitably, things are lost in translation and cultural references are left out (or worse: literally translated). But other times, things are so far off you can only marvel at the absurdity. Below are 10 examples of film title translations that are completely off the mark.

Can you guess the correct Japanese titles? Take the quiz and see how you fare.

[HDquiz quiz = “2759”]

How did you do? At least now, you’ve got some useless information to impress strangers at cocktail parties with (because we all go to cocktail parties, right?)

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