fbpx Taking Indie Anime in a New Direction

A little 8-minute animated pilot called Indigo Ignited recently popped up on YouTube. It looks like your standard action anime: a mysterious world, a blue-haired male protagonist with incredible powers, a cute love interest, a maniacal villain.

This creepy house has a smiley face banner!

The most interesting thing about this whole project is that it was created by a team of international artists at D’art Shtajio. Led by director Henry Thurlow, the group pulled influences from their own favorites. Classic titles like Ninja Scroll, Cowboy Bebop, and Akira were mentioned in interviews.


Most of the guys got their foot into the animation industry in Japan years ago, a rare feat for foreigners. Joining them are some industry vets, such as Yoshiharu Ashino who was the storyboard artist for the hit One Punch Man.

They’ve been working hard for years to achieve something most anime fans can only dream of. After months of interviews and trailers, Twitter tweeting and Facebook updating, the pilot for Indigo Ignited is finally available.

It’s just a flesh wound!

The 8-minute short on YouTube offers only a glimpse of the backstory and motivations of its characters. It’s just a peek at the larger narrative. The animation is raw but still maintains a fluidity to it, especially considering the small team that worked on it.

Even though they had the option to use readily available Japanese vocal talent, they’ve made the interesting choice to dub the voices in English. The cast does a good job of representing their characters though, and all of the voices fit the characters.

Do you even lift?

This is only a taste of the Indigo Ignited world. The team has hinted that they are planning a full television production, but so far those details haven’t been revealed yet. You’ll just have to keep updated through their official website and Twitter.

If anything, the efforts of D’art Shtajio shows anime fans with dreams of creating their own work that anything is possible.


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