fbpx J-World Tokyo Is Closing Its Doors For Good

Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece fans planning to visit J-World Tokyo had better hurry. The indoor anime and manga theme park will be shutting down on February 17, 2019. Located inside of Sunshine Tower at Ikebukuro, the park has operated for just six short years since its opening in 2013.

You could be this fake family.

The park was the home to numerous attractions, foods, and games based off of characters from the popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga— the best selling, as well as longest-selling manga magazine ever.

Attractions included dragon ball hunting, riding a nimbus, and even shooting your very own kamehameha wave with Goku himself, the world’s worst father.

Another son he’ll eventually abandon to train.

No word has been given on the reason for the sudden closure, but it could be because there isn’t exactly a lot to do at J-World. You could experience everything the park has to offer in a little over an hour.

However, if Namja Town, one of the absolute worst parks in Tokyo that is located just next door to J-World manages to keep its doors open, then there were probably more than a few problems going on behind the scenes.

Why do people keep coming here?

To give the park one last hurrah, J-World will be celebrating “J-WORLD TOKYO Grand Finale” from December 21 and handing out limited edition Shonen Jump stickers to the first 500 guests of each day.

The stickers will change daily, so dutiful Shonen Jump fans will need to visit every day to collect them all— and who are we kidding? Someone is definitely going to visit all 59 days.


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