fbpx Japan's New Hello Kitty Shinkansen

A collaboration between Japan Railway West and Sanrio, the Japanese pop culture giant, has rolled out an ultra kawaii Hello Kitty bullet train. Starting June 2018, passengers can take a ride on two suped-up Kodama that have been completely decked-out in Kitty-chan motif between stations in western Japan, including Hakata in Fukuoka Prefecture and Shin-Osaka in Osaka Prefecture.

That’s a really pink train.

Looking like it just plowed through a cotton candy factory, the Hello Kitty bullet train features purple, pink, and white colors on the outside and inside, as well as features such as adorable Hello Kitty-themed bentos, souvenirs, and the original Hello Kitty theme tune playing as it approaches stations. Fathers the world over are already sweating at the mere thought of their wives and daughters fitting the train in their travel itineraries this year.

Besides being a rolling shrine to the Cockney cat (you know she’s British, right?), the bullet train is also a tribute to Western Japan. Every region that the train passes through is drawing a spotlight thanks to their new anamorphic travel envoy. Limited edition Hello Kitty designs are being released all during the year highlighting Kitty-chan and local delicacies like Tottori green apples and Osaka takoyaki.

Those are really purple seats.

If you would like to travel in style during your next trip in Western Japan, or just really want to annoy your significant other with a cuteness overload, then you can make reservations for the Hello Kitty shinkansen at any JR office in Japan. It’s also covered with the JR Pass, meaning tourist can ride for free. Look for train numbers Kodama 730 (Hakata to Shin-Osaka) and Kodama 741 (Shin-Osaka to Hakata).


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