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Comic Market (Comiket) 94 has come and gone. Included among the 530,000 convention goers at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba this summer were thousands of cosplayers—braving Japan’s record high heat wave and swarms of otaku and their cameras, vying for the perfect shot. While most cosplayers used the hot weather as an opportunity to show off skimpy cosplay, there were more than a few furry catgirls and Call of Duty soldiers sauntering about.

And whatever the heck this guy is.

To combat the chaos often associated with taking photos of cosplayers at past events, convention organizers instituted a line rule. Anyone spotted trying to snap photos out of turn were quickly chided. Not even the Breaker Japan team and all their press pass glory were exceptions to the rule.

Snapping less popular cosplayers is easy enough, and you can even jump straight to the front of the line if you’re lucky enough to spot a cosplayer setting up before anyone else, but for the most popular cosplayers, i.e., the ones revealing the most skin, you’re going to have to wait.

The spice must flow.

Curious about what actual cosplayers had to say on Comiket and cosplay in general, we met up with Haneame, one of the most famous Taiwanese cosplayers around— dressed as the video game character Kiara from Fate/Grand Order.

“Because I can be someone else,” says Haneame, “Cool hair, sexy clothes…you’re dreaming one [sic],” she exclaimed while looking absolutely at home sporting bulky devil horns. Haneame emphasized that the size of Japanese cosplay events are much larger than in her native Taiwan.


Indeed, Comic Market 94 itself shattered previous attendance records with over 210,000 attendees on the last day of the event. Since it’s beginnings in 1975, Comic Market has grown to become the largest fan convention in the world, and it’s the holy mecca for most cosplayers the world over.

Cosplayer Kelly Ann has been coming to Comiket regularly for nearly seven years and has a few tips for newbies looking to jump into cosplaying. “Make a friend that already cosplays and go with them,” she happily advises. “You don’t have to be shy. You can cosplay anything, it doesn’t have to be anime or a character.  If it makes you happy— it’s fine.”

Or if you are shy, there’s cosplay for that too.


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