fbpx Nakano Broadway is a Geek Wonderland

A lot of what makes Nakano such a special destination in Tokyo can be found within Nakano Broadway, a four-story shopping mall located a short walk from the station’s north exit. Imagine if Akihabara were crammed into a single venue, and you’ll have an idea of what Nakano Broadway is like.

So. Much. Stuff.

Stores devoted to all things anime, comics and video games are in abundance. Yet Nakano Broadway also houses much more. It’s a place for folks with a single passion to find stores devoted to what they love. Big fan of high-quality video cameras? There’s a store for that. Into 80’s new-wave Japanese synth-pop? They’ve got it. Retro cameras? You get the point.

Also cute boys!

Beyond stores geared towards maniac otaku, Nakano Broadway also hints at Nakano’s rich culinary scene. The basement alone features a smorgasbord of sweets and Japanese eats.

Dive Into Japanese Culture

Anime lovers rejoice!

Nakano Broadway houses most of the must-see retailers, highlighted by anime-centric toy store Bambool on the second floor and animation cell store Anime World Star, which doubles as a gallery of sorts. Those interested in music should stop by Trio2 on the third floor for all things idol, from magazines to t-shirts, though if you are more interested in male performers, check out Mandarake Infinity. Need a pick me up from all the shopping you’ve been doing? Get a cup of coffee at Kuroneco, where the staff dress up as famous anime characters. Last, video game fans should swing by Game Station or the imposing Mandarake Galaxy for a mix of retro and contemporary titles and systems.

Let’s Get Niche

Right this way, geeks of the world

Obviously, your own interests go a long way to determining what niche stores are worth exploring. But if you just want to experience some of the quirkier stores geared towards obsessives, here are some good starting places. Fujiya Avic boasts two stores, one devoted to high-quality video cameras (including some that are TV station worthy) and another boasting the best audio equipment around. Antique Ajisai specializes in Western curiosities, especially old dolls. F-1 Signass, meanwhile, stocks up on rare miniature cars from the world F-1 racing, while those intrigued by Japanese wrestling have to stop by Hokakudou. Finally, for those curious about ‘80s Japanese new wave music — alongside krautrock, industrial and other genres proliferating around that time — Shop Mecano stocks records and CDs from some of that period’s finest artists, such as Yellow Magic Orchestra and Jun Togawa.

Whether you consider yourself a Japanophile or are looking to wade into these waters for the first time, Nakano Broadway has everything you could ask for.

Happy hunting!



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