fbpx Old Man Guts Stars in BERSERK Vol. 40 Promo Video

The long-running manga series Berserk has reached its 40th volume in Japan. To pump fans up for the release, publisher Young Animal has released a live-action promotional video on Youtube, which you can watch below:

Admittedly, it’s pretty low budget, but what can you really expect from a short commercial for a new manga release? The funniest part comes at the end when it’s revealed that a man who is clearly pushing his 50’s is portraying main hero Guts, who by the way is supposed to be somewhere in his mid-20’s.

Despite the cheese factor, fans should be excited for the release as new Berserk manga volumes are typically few and far between in recent years. Volume 38 and 39 came out in 2016 and 2017 respectively, but there was a 3-year gap between 37 and 38, as creator Kentaro Miura took a hiatus from the series.

Cover of volume 40.

Set in a European medieval-inspired dark fantasy world, Berserk began in 1989. The series has gone through several story arcs seeing the tale change from grim semi-realistic medieval fantasy to its current more swords and sorcery, high fantasy-inspired story line. It has been adapted into a critically acclaimed animated TV series in 1997, a trilogy of less critically acclaimed films in 2012 and 2013, and finally a poorly received second television adaptation in 2016.

Throughout it all, the manga has gone strong and is easily the best way to experience the epic tale of the black swordsman Guts. Volume 40 is on sale today, September 28th, in Japan. Dark Horse has publishing rights to the manga in North American territories, so Western fans can look forward to an English release sometime in the near future. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long.


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