fbpx One Piece Creator Says Manga is 80 Percent Complete

A shocking piece of news has been revealed for fans of the hit manga One Piece. According to series creator, Eiichiro Oda, the manga has currently reached 80% completion.

In a recent interview with Yomiuri, Oda gave an estimation on the status of the One Piece story. He has been giving completion status estimates for his long-running manga series for several years now. The One Piece manga, which began publication in 1997 and celebrates its 21st anniversary this year, is currently on its 912th chapter, while the anime just aired its 849th episode.

Previously, in a 2012 interview, Oda stated the manga was 60% complete. However, just four years later, in 2016, he went on record with the statement that the manga was 65% complete. As you can see, his estimations don’t always hold a lot of water.

Original manga panels from Tokyo One Piece Tower exhibit.

Still, for those who have been following the series, there does seem to be a sense of climax building as the crew faces some of their strongest foes yet. How long that climactic sense will drag out is anyone’s guess, though. Even the series own creator has a hard time gauging these things.

This hasn’t stopped fans from playing the guessing game. Many have taken to Twitter and are estimating another 5-10 years before Oda brings One Piece across the finish line, so there’s still plenty of time for adventures with the Straw Hat crew.

If you’re feeling upset about this news and you’re around Tokyo Tower, you can dive into the One Piece world at Tokyo One Piece Tower. We checked it out recently and offered up our thoughts. Hang in there, One Piece fans. There’s still a lot of adventure left to be had.


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