fbpx Lights, Camera, Pokémon! Pikachu Outbreak Takes Over Yokohama

Since it first began in 2014, Pikachu Outbreak, which takes over Yokohama, tries every year to outdo itself, and this year is no exception. The theme is “Science is Magic” and most of the Pokémon performances heavily utilize digital displays, light shows, and pyrotechnics.

The Pikachu Outbreak event lineup includes dance performances, a Super Soaking Splash Show, a Boat Greeting, and a light show called Synchronicty.Eevee came out to play for the first time this year as well, most likely in preparation for the release of the upcoming Let’s Go Pokémon games for Nintendo Switch. 

Even the train station is decorated in Pikachus.

A breakdown of the locations and times for the performances can be found here. Let’s take a look at the events!

Pikachu and Eevee Parade

Last year, the parades consisted of dancing Pikachus, so this year they amped it up. Keeping with the “Science is Magic” theme, the Pikachus sport costumes covered with colorful LEDs. There are two Pikachu Parades at night in order to show off the colorful lights! The night performances are in a different area than the performances during the day, and there is no scheduled time slot, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for brightly lit dancing Pikachus. They shouldn’t be too hard to miss.

As for the Eevee parade, you’ll likely spot where it’s about to take place thanks to the crowd surrounding the dance area. You’ll also see some Eevee hype girls announcing the performance, riling up the crowd, and dancing along with all the Eevees. There are two separate dances complete with a lot of tail waggling and ear shaking.

Pikachu Boat Greeting

The amphibious buses that carried the Pikachus around the port.

The Pikachu Boat Greeting consists of amphibious buses loaded with Pikachus circling the Minato Mirai port by the Nippon Maru Memorial Park. You really can’t miss it what with the music blaring and the Pikachus aboard dancing along, waving to the audience as they pass. There are also hydro flight performers. Two large digital screens display animations that go with the beat of the music. This is just a taste of what’s to come later in the Synchronicity light show. 

Super Soaking Splash Show

The Splash Show promises the audience will get wet.

The Super Soaking Splash Show starts off with augmented reality (AR) dancing Pikachus and Eevees.  You even have a chance to be invited up on stage and place pieces on a virtual screen. After the initial AR demonstration finishes, the real show begins.

Humans in colorful paint splatter outfits dance and hype up the crowd. Eventually, Pikachus and Eevees come out to dance too. The dancing is punctuated by blasts of water into the crowd. By the end of it all, most of the audience is soaked. If you don’t want to get wet try to stick to the outer edges, or bring some rain coats if you want a closer view.

Pokémon Synchronicity

The first after dark Pikachu Outbreak show.

Pokémon Synchronicity is a secret show that promises to be a digital spectacle, and it does not disappoint. People line up for hours to get a prime seat, and only those lucky enough to have one are given light sticks that synchronize with the show.

Even the Yokohama Ferris wheel is lit up with Pikachu and Pokéball shapes. Extended hydro flight dances and bursts of pyrotechnics are just some of the extra flashes this show adds. The Pikachu costumes are strung with LED lights, and the human performers are covered in glow sticks. The amphibious buses even make an appearance, circling the port with more dancing Pikachus.

Pikachu Outbreak will be going on until Wednesday, August 16. Although it will be hot, the forecast is clear so there should be no cancelled performances. Be sure to stop by the merch booths and pick up some exclusive swag as well.


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