fbpx Ripples of Adventure: Celebrating Over 30 Years of JoJo

Fans were lined up throughout the day at the National Art Center Tokyo in Roppongi for the ongoing JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure art exhibition. The event features both new and archival artwork from creator Hirohiko Araki and is happening until October 1st.

The exhibit, officially titled Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo Exhibition: Ripples of Adventure, walks through each one of the eight major story arcs of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga, giving behind-the-scenes insights into the creation of the series.

Original paintings on display.

Inside the exhibit, housed on a second floor gallery of the museum, the walls are lined with conceptual drawings, original manga panels, as well as cover artwork and original pieces created specifically for the show. Similar to the Tokyo One Piece Tower exhibit, one of the most intriguing aspects are the panels which feature Araki’s personal notes.

The gallery also has several special displays, including a surreal sculpture pertaining to the origins of “Stands,” the super power used by characters in the series, as well as sculptures wearing tailored suits that reflect images from the manga in color when a special light is projected on them.

Unfortunately, these installations couldn’t be photographed. However, exhibition goers were allowed to snap shots of several tall paintings created specifically for the exhibition. Many visitors lined up to capture these original pieces of art, and these works make up most of the images seen throughout this article.

Other attractions include a special behind-the-scenes short film of Araki painting a large panel that is on display near the end of the exhibit. There’s also a special 3D film called “Aura” that can be viewed as you exit the exhibition. And, last but not least, a gift shop with goods ranging from smartphone cases, to folder, to pens and paperweights. All of these items are exclusive to this exhibition.

All in all, at only 1,400 yen a ticket (~$12 USD), you really can’t go wrong if you’re a fan of JoJo.

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017 and has marked the occasion with several art exhibits and promotional stunts throughout the country, including renaming a couple of the famous Lawson convenience store branches to “Owson,” a nod to the parody convenience store chain in the fourth story arc.

An anime series adaptation also began in 2012. The fourth season–adapting the fifth story arc of the manga–is scheduled to air from October 5th in Japan.

A cafe decked out with JoJo near the art museum.


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