fbpx A Taste of the Sexiest Cosplay from Anime Japan 2018

It just wouldn’t be an anime festival without a load of cosplayers. Anime Japan 2018 took place at Tokyo Big Sight from March 24-25. You can check out our full coverage here. Of course, Anime Japan had its fair share of cosplayers strutting their stuff around the convention floor.

We spent the better part of our time in the seeking out the most interesting and sexiest cosplay girls we could find. We put them together in a list here, just for you.

#10 – Akiko Iori


Akiko Iori put together an excellent costume for the character of Jeanne D’arc from the Fate/Grand Order series.

#9 – Meiji and Konami

@meiji1111111 @conarice

Meiji and Konami decided on the Pop Team Epic duo of the blond-haired Popuko and the blue-haired Pipimi. Hilarity ensued.

#8 – Kazuki


Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of Karakuri Circus, but you may want to seek out more of this obscure series after seeing Kazuki’s version of Eleanore, though. And it looks like you will be able to see more, as a 36-episode anime series was just announced.

#7 – Masshiro Yuu


Masshiro Yuu went for a classic with this one, giving us a striking rendition of Rei Ayanami from the classic Neon Genesis Evangelion.

#6 – Sousaki


Sousaki captured the perfect version of Sailor Mars from the mega popular Sailor Moon series.

#5 – Hotori


Who remembers the chaos of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt? Hotori was dressed as a stunning Anarchy Stocking, the blue-haired half of the “angel” duo of Panty and Stocking.

#4 – Chamomile Chami


We have another Fate/Grand Order character from Chamomile Chami. It was impossible to miss this cosplay of Mash Kyrielight with her giant cross shield.

#3 – Nasu


Nasu was dressed as Chocolat from the series My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic ComedySay that five times fast… while trying to concentrate on these photos.

#2 – Asahina Mitsuki


The ever-popular Bulma from the Dragon Ball series makes an appearance courtesy of Asahina Mitsuki. She chose Bulma’s bunny costume from early DB episodes. Good choice, Mitsuki.

#1 – Mayu


At our number 1 spot is Mayu coplaying as Sheryl Nome from the Macross Frontier series. In the anime, Sheryl Nome is a pop star. Mayu decided to convert Sheryl into a nurse. Does this happen at any point in the series? Do we really care? No, we don’t.


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