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Anime has a huge worldwide following, and with that kind of appeal, there are of course tons of people on YouTube making videos about it. Today we’re looking at the most popular anime-related videos on YouTube Japan. As always, we’ve compiled quite a diverse list, so let’s jump right in with our top 5.

#5 – Response to a Former Fan: The Anime Man Should Be Deleted From YouTube

The Anime Man

The Anime Man takes on his biggest detractor in this video. Framed around a lesson about how to give constructive criticism, The Anime Man gives his critic some criticism of his own. Is that enough criticism for everyone? If not, check out the video.

#4 – Spring 2018 Anime Season: What Will I Be Watching?

The Anime Man

The Anime Man steals the #4 spot on this week’s list as well. In this video, he breaks down the Spring 2018 anime season and talks about the shows he is excited for. If you’re wondering what to watch this season, this may be the video for you.

#3 – [2018 Twitter Manga] Cohabiting Life 1 ~Socialist Lily~ Best Funny Manga Anime

My Twitter Anime

My Twitter Anime is the YouTube account for an app company apparently. They post videos usuing manga panels set to music. This is from a manga called Cohabiting Life ~Socialist Lily~. So if you’ve ever wanted to read some manga and listen to music in video form, here you go…

#2 – Video Does Not Exist

This is the number 2 spot, but as you can see the video has been deleted by the user. What was this mystery video? Did it even have anything to do with anime? The world may never know.

#1 – [1000 Songs] With Video!! From the latest to the nostalgic Anime Songs Creditless Anime Song Medley


You may not be able to view this video on this website, so if that’s the case for you, then see you later. If you choose not to follow the YouTube link, then just know that 1stNatsuchanNeru has included clips of creditless anime songs into one giant video. There are really 1000 anime songs in here. Five and a half hours of anime songs, all in one spot. What more could you ever want?

Full Disclosure

Due to the fact that no one is reading these articles, we’re going to go ahead and end this series next week with a final wrap up of our thoughts on the kinds of videos that are uploaded to YouTube Japan. So all 10 of you out there reading this, please look forward to that. See you next time!


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