fbpx Treasure Awaits at Tokyo One Piece Tower

Eiichirou Oda’s One Piece has taken over the world, and even Tokyo Tower isn’t safe from the treasure-plundering scallywags. While you’re not going to see Monkey D. Luffy with his rubber band arms slinging around the red and white landmark, you can expect a pirate carnival that has taken over the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors at Tokyo One Piece Tower.

The Straw Hat vibe is in full swing right as you enter the building with the Mugiwara Store (a One Piece gift shop that will be any fan’s dream) along with two One Piece-themed cafes–Cafe Mugiwara and Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant. The best part is, all three of these places on the first floor can be visited without even purchasing a ticket.

If you really want to set sail into the world of One Piece, though, you’ll need that ticket for the theme park. Made up as a new island on the One Piece world map, the next three floors take the form of Tongari Island, a place bursting with exclusive memorabilia and plenty of things to do.

Everyone is here. Literally everyone!

Beyond the ticket gate, you’re ushered into a small room with a wrap-around screen where you stand on a wooden platform meant to act as a crow’s nest. As the introduction video begins to play on the 360-degree screen, you’re swept into the world of One Piece, and your senses are assaulted with animated scenes ripped straight from the manga.

After the Straw Hat’s resident swordsman, Zoro, “cuts” open the door, you’re free to enter Tongari Island. In typical One Piece fashion, the party is already in full swing as you’re greeted with a collection of Straw Hat pirates statues in the middle of a drinking party.

Sanji and Zoro, best friends forever.

There’s also another gift shop on this floor. Here, if you purchase something, you’ll be given a passport that you can stamp at different stations throughout the tower. Collect all the stamps and return to the store for a prize.

On the fourth floor, an array of attractions featuring the Straw Hat crew are scattered about: Nami’s Casino House, Franky’s Cola Bar, Chopper’s Thousand Sunny Tour, and Brook’s Horror House are just a few of the stops. Kids are even given their own Den Den Mushi (giant sea snails that are used as communication devices in the world of One Piece) to go on a treasure hunt in this area, checking hot spots on walls for clues (Why couldn’t adults get those, too?!).

The 5th floor houses the live show stage, which features an original story performed by the j-pop group GReeeeN. There’s also the Log Gallery, which features tons of original panels from the manga drawn by Oda, as well as original art that he created specifically for the Tokyo One Piece Tower.

Some of these panels even feature Oda’s handwritten notes.

All in all, whether you’re only casually interested or a One Piece superfan, there’s enough going on at the Tokyo One Piece Tower to warrant a trip. 

Tickets for the Tokyo One Piece Tower are available on the third floor for 3,200 yen for adults or you can order in advance online for 3,000 yen. Click here to order from the site. This ticket includes access to the attractions and the One Piece live show. There are also tickets that skip on the live show and just get you into the park for 2,200 and 2,000 yen respectively.

The Tokyo One Piece Tower originally opened in 2015. Starting on July 14th of this year, the Straw Hat pirates will be hosting Tokyo Pirates Festival 2018. Most of the details haven’t been revealed yet–obviously to keep some of the attractions a surprise–but the characters have been redesigned for the annual summer festival. The Tokyo Pirates Festival 2018 will be on until September 14th.


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