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Nishiazabu A-Life

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〒106-0031 Tokyo, Minato, Nishiazabu, 1丁目7−2 ECONACH西麻布ビル


Today – 19:00 – 5:00
Monday – 19:00 – 5:00 Tuesday – 19:00 – 5:00 Wednesday – 19:00 – 5:00 Thursday – 19:00 – 5:00
Friday – 19:00 – 5:00 Saturday – 19:00 – 5:00 Sunday – CLOSED

A-Life is located in Roppongi and has two floors with a large bar on the main floor. I personally like to spend most of my time on the second floor, as the bottom floor usually plays EDM and Pop music. The second floor is much smaller, but has a more intimate vibe with plenty of seating and a small bar, and the line up of dj’s is promising for the most part in terms of good hip hop music.


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