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〒150-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya, Dogenzaka, 2 Chome−10−7 新大宗ビル B1

*Only open Mondays and Fridays from 20:00-5:00 (Hours may vary depending on events)

Today –
Monday – 20:00 – 5:00 Tuesday – CLOSED Wednesday – CLOSED Thursday – CLOSED
Friday – 20:00 – 5:00 Saturday – CLOSED Sunday – CLOSED

This huge subterranean venue in Shibuya has many different moods. The venue is like a maze. There are a total of 4 rooms/areas all playing music simultaneously.

Each room has a slightly different vibe, and different DJ’s cycle in each room every 30 minutes to an hour. The thing that’s nice about this venue is that if you don’t like the music in one room, you can always go to another until you find the one you like.

GAIA, the main floor, has one of the best custom-made sound systems. You can literally feel the bass in your chest. DEEP SPACE has a pure underground spirit. In two different lounge spaces, you can enjoy two different atmospheres – WHITE has a more seductive vibe and D-LOUNGE has a cozy vibe.

It is truly a stimulating setting born from the collaboration between leading artists on the global scene and an unpredictable chain reaction triggered by the interaction of various creative elements, such as art, fashion, performance and motion graphics. They believe that a new vision to guide us to the future of Tokyo will be born in this magnetic field where people and culture will be drawn together to meet.

I find that going to this club is a hit or miss if you don’t know the DJ line-up for the night. However, it is always a good time when they specifically advertise the nights they will be featuring hip hop DJ’s and artists.


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