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FLCL Alternative Episode 6 Review: Full Flat

This season fell “full flat” on its face

FLCL Alternative Episode 4 Review: Pit-Pat

Getting hints at the main plot

FLCL Alternative Episode 2 Review: Grown-Up Wannabe

I don’t wanna grow up, I’m an FLCL kid

FLCL Progressive 5: You Don’t Satisfy Me

The penultimate episode leaves much to be desired

FLCL Progressive 4: We’re Getting Nowhere

This is not getting any easier

FLCL Progressive 3 Review: Fade Away

My head hurts… Not in a good way

FLCL Progressive 1 Review: Nothing Amazing Happens Here

Imitation is the highest form of meh

FLCL Was Already Progressive and Alternative

Can the sequel seasons capture that?