fbpx Have a Bagful of Your Favorite YouTuber Chips
Hikakin eating YouTuber Chips

When Japan gets hold of a merchandising opportunity, they sure sink their teeth into it. In this instance, it’s the magical taste combination of YouTubers and potato chips.

Starting March 6, you can pick up a bag of YouTuber Chips at Japanese supermarket chain, Aeon, Lawson convenience stores, or you can order online. Each bag will feature a popular YouTuber on the packaging with some trading cards inside.

A total of 108 different trading cards will be available with 63 normal cars and 45 rare cards. Could this be the next trading card phenomenon in Japan? Only time will tell.

An early roll out of the YouTuber Chips started on February 27, which gave Japanese YouTuber HikakinTV a chance to make a video about a bag of chips featuring him on the packaging. With over 5.6 million subscribers, he was the perfect choice for a promotional video, as this news has been picked up on some western media sites.

Japanese potato chip manufacturer Yamayoshi created the YouTuber Chips, which have a “lightly salted flavor.” They will cost about 171 yen (about $1.60), which is a bit more than the cost of an average bag of potato chips. They better be the best bag of “lightly salted flavor” chips ever.

This is the first time a major company has partnered with YouTube to make a cross-promotional product. It may be a new trend that continues as YouTube’s popularity grows and grows. Forget about becoming a sports star and getting yourself featured on a box of cereal. Being a YouTuber and showing up on a bag of chips is where it’s at nowadays.

So next time you’re in the mood for some potato chips, grab a bag with your favorite Japanese YouTuber slapped on them. You may even be lucky enough to pick up one of those rare trading cards. How the world will envy you.


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