fbpx Bald Men in Tighty-Whities Keep J-Horror Alive

Japanese horror has seen its heyday with popular releases like The Ring, The Grudge, The Crowded Morning Train (oh, wait that’s my own personal nightmare). But it turns out a group of dedicated YouTubers are keeping the tradition alive and adding their own twist to the genre. Enter Stalking Vampire, a two season YouTube series by Japanese creators Gekidan Squash, filled with equal parts horror, humor, and creativity. Both seasons also have English subtitles, so check them out.

The two series feature a choose-your-own-adventure style horror series. Each episode ends on a cliff-hanger where the character must make a choice. Guide the characters through the story by clicking between video links at the end of the part you are watching. You can either evade the Stalking Vampires or meet an untimely death.


The original season of Stalking Vampire is set in an old house with dark secrets. The Stalking Vampires move in to prey on unsuspecting residents. A vampire hunter gets thrown into the mix and the characters work together to rid the house and the town of Stalking Vampires.

The Gekidan Squash crew is joined by several other YouTube stars including Simon and Martina, Cooking Hayhay, MEGWIN, Runny Runny 999, ABTV, Bollywood Hangover, Koji Seto, Jet Daisuke, Soezimax, Kazu Channel, and Ari Keita. Check out all the new Japanese creators you can watch.

With the aforementioned choose-your-own-adventure style and high production values, Stalking Vampire is innovative and engaging. It has you laughing out loud one moment and jumping out of your seat another. It also allows you to contribute to the story in a way that feels meaningful.


Stalking Vampire 2 hits the audience with more depth and detail to the story and even higher production values than the first Stalking Vampire. This season follows characters Brave, Muscle, and Smart as they leave the safety of their homes and venture out into the Stalking Vampire infested outdoors.

They do this to save Nene-Chan, a celebrity who they all love dearly, after she’s been ambushed and tweets out a photo in a plea for help. With resourceful new ways to fight the undead, characters who sacrifice themselves, and more Stalking Vampires than ever before, this season is even more engaging than the last.

This series was co-produced with Freddie Wong and partially filmed in the YouTube Studio in LA with Wong Fu Productions, associated with Phillip Wang and Wesley Chan. Much like the first series, a revolving cast of special YouTube guests join in including Hajime Syacho, MAHOTO, Koji Seto, PDS, MEGWIN, Ari Keita, and Ryoji Takarabe.

The boys at Gekidan Squash are currently working on a feature film follow up to be featured on YouTube sometime in the near future. Be sure to stay on the lookout for that if you enjoyed this choose-your-own-adventure style of Japanese horror.

Who would’ve thought a series featuring bald vampires in tighty-whities would cause such a roller coaster of emotions? I suppose anything’s possible if you’ve got the vision for it.


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