fbpx The GVIDO is a Kindle for Musicians

Classical music has just moved into the 21st century with a new digital music device. The GVIDO is doing for musicians what the Kindle did for readers by allowing musical scores to be downloaded and stored on a digital device.

At just 6mm thin and 660 grams, the lightweight GVIDO can download scores from a store similar to the Android or App Store. These files are saved in PDF format to be viewed on the GVIDO’s 13.3 inch dual screen displays. These touch screen display features a matte finish and and a stylus is included for taking notes, which can be saved onto the file.

The GVIDO is doing for musicians what the Kindle did for readers

With 8GB of internal memory and a microSD slot for expandable storage, the GVIDO can hold a lot of music. The website also claims that the battery will last up to 3 days on just a 3 hour charge.

There are also tons of accessories, such as cases with various colors and designs. The most unique accessory has to be the foot switch, which is ideal for piano players, but can be used by any musician. With the foot switch, you can tap to turn the pages of the GVIDO without having to touch the screen, perfect for professional and amateur players alike.

Take and save notes directly on the GVIDO

The GVIDO costs 180,000 yen ($1600), quite a bit more expensive than something like a Kindle. With the ability to carry all of your musical scores in one lightweight device with the added ability of digital note taking, the convenience well outweighs the price.

Musical notation and musical scores have been around since the 11th century, but that doesn’t mean that you need to keep playing that way.


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