fbpx Japan Display Shows Off Smart Mirrors and More

Most of the time, when we’re gazing at our beautiful reflections in the bathroom mirror, we’re not thinking about the back of our heads. However, there are times when you might want to know what’s going on back there. Some of us have those multi-paneled bathroom mirrors, so we can check it out with a bit of neck twisting, but for those who don’t, Japan Display Inc. might have the answer for you.

The company recently revealed a mirror that shows you the back of your head in the reflection. The “smart mirror,” as it’s being touted, features an image delay, so a user can face away from the reflection, then turn again to see the back of their head. It sounds perfect for people who need their hair to be styled just right.

Courtesy of Japan Times

From Tokyo’s Akihabara district, Chief Marketing Officer for Japan Display Inc., Yoshiaki Ito, said, “From now on, it will be more than just displays you can see. Vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. By appealing to all five senses, display becomes interface.”

Probably best known as one of the manufacturers responsible for producing displays for Apple’s iPhone, Japan Display Inc. may soon be known for much more. The company showed off several promising new display technology products they’re hoping to put into consumer’s hands in the near future.

Other technologies included a “smart” motorcycle helmet with a heads-up display indicating information such as speed, fuel, and weather conditions. The helmet was created to reduce the need for motorcycle drivers to have to look down at the gauges on the bike that display this information, creating safer driving conditions.

Courtesy of Japan Times

Another device featured a small display that sits on a tabletop and creates 3D images without the need for wearables, such as the clunky glasses that accompanied 3D TVs several years ago. Ito hinted that this technology could be used to help bring characters from TV shows and anime into real life. Who knows what implications that could have.

The last few years has certainly seen a rise in display technology and its continued integration into our lives. It sounds like Japan Display Inc. is ushering in a future where displays are more interactive and offer more than just a passive glance at our reality.


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