fbpx Make a Wish On Your Very Own Shooting Star

Get your wishes ready. Seeing a shooting star pass through the night sky may not be such a rare occurrence in the future. ALE Co., Ltd. a Tokyo startup endeavor, is in the process of launching twin satellites that will be able to create “shooting stars on demand,” according to Japan Times. And they plan on hosting their first star show in 2020.

Each of the two satellites will be equipped with tiny spheres containing the company’s own patented chemical compound. After releasing the spheres into the atmosphere at pre-determined cooridinates, the chemical trails out, creating the effect of shooting stars and meteor showers.

The satellites are planned to be usable for two years and will each hold around 400 of these miniature sphere devices, which will allow for a projected 30 to 40 shows within the satellites’ lifespan. They also have plans to use older out of service satellites to enhance the effect of the shooting stars, but no details were given on how they would accomplish this.

Courtesy of Flickr

ALE Co. hopes to have the first satellite launched in March 2019 with the second launch planned for sometime in the summer. If everything goes as planned, both satellites should be in place by February 2020 with a test demonstration to follow shortly after.

The time allowed for positioning is to help achieve the optimal visual effect and so the chemical trails can be seen from even brightly lit metropolitan areas, such as Tokyo and New York City. The company plans for the first test show to take place over Hiroshima, Japan. They chose the city because of its “good weather, landscape, and cultural assets.”

There are no details available yet concerning the cost of ordering your own shooting star spectacle, but according to the company, development and initial launch of the system will end up costing ALE Co. about $20 million USD. So if you’re hoping for your wish to come true, better get your wallet ready.


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