fbpx Makeup Design Tool Brings Beauty into the 21st Century

For all you makeup connoisseurs looking for a way to experiment with your look, Panasonic has developed a digital makeup software. Makeup Design Tool is a prototype program that uses AR technology to help you find the perfect look without any of the mess of trial and error.

Create a whole new you

The software features a deep set of tools that will allow you to adjust your look. The amount of assets and options puts it on par with design software like PhotoShop and other Adobe programs. Elements like customizable color selection and varying density for brush sizes allow a lot of different looks to be achieved. Foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara are just some of the tools available.

The application takes a photo which can then be painted on in whatever manner you see fit. The stylus and tablet control makes it extremely easy to adjust things to your liking. After you are done designing, the software can then map the cosmetic changes onto your face in realtime, using the built-in AR technology.

Add blush, foundation, and more through a simple touch

Many industries could benefit from this kind of application, and Panasonic’s plans are to place it within beauty salons, makeup stores, and photography studios. With professional training in the use of the program, Makeup Design Tool could become a valuable asset to these kinds of businesses.

Currently, the software has completed its development stages. All that’s needed now is a business partner who can help push the technology to the public. Panasonic is currently looking at different industries, hoping to find a suitable place for Makeup Design Tool to call home.


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