fbpx Slaves to the Screen: Mui's Simple Solution
Mui with welcome message

Have you ever felt like all the screens in your life are suffocating? Just think about how many screens you interact with during your daily life: computers, phones, tablets, intercom systems, the list goes on and on.

All of these devices emit what is known as blue light, a short wavelength form of light that is known to boost alertness and attention during the day. However, too much exposure to blue light, especially at night, has been proven to have adverse effects on sleep patterns.

Mui Lab, Inc. is attempting to make this over saturation of blue light less of an issue with its Mui display device. Mui (無為) means idleness or inactivity in Japanese, and the idea behind the display is to promote “effortless comfort,” “a relief from work and life stress.”

On the outside Mui looks like a simple plank of wood that can be affixed to a wall, but it’s actually an internet of things connected device that can display the time, weather, and can even control the lights and thermostat within your home or office.

Mui touch panel

Easy to use minimal design

The faceplates can be made out of many different materials, including wood or fabric, which help them fit into a variety of interior designs. The sleek device could be the solution to all of our blue light blues.

Nissha’s goal is to alleviate our dependence on computer screens and provide something that is advanced, aesthetically pleasing, and simple to interact with. We first ran into the device at Slush Tokyo where the presenters at the booth gave us a short demonstration of how the product works.

Mui home device mounted on a wall

Planking at its finest

The device supports touch controls and will also include voice recognition. It’s definitely has a unique aesthetic compared to other smart home devices.

Mui is still under development and a Kickstarter is planned for June of this year. Keep your eyes peeled for this natural piece of tech coming soon.



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