fbpx The ZOZOSUIT Just Made Clothes Shopping Easier

Say goodbye to trying on clothes. Thanks to the ZOZOSUIT from ZOZOTOWN, a goofy looking, form fitting, futuristic jet black leotard with huge white dots plastered all over it, you’ll never have to step into a dressing room again.

The ZOZOSUIT hashtag started blowing up on Japanese twitter with the announcement on ZOZOTOWN’s website.

You’re a superstar!

At first glance, the suit itself may seem like the thing everyone is getting so excited about. I mean, how could you not get excited with such a striking piece of fashion. But no, actually the real excitement comes from how the suit works.

After fitting into the snug little number, you can download an app to your phone. The app will use your camera to capture your body proportions and find the perfect size for you from the ZOZOTOWN online store.

The ZOZOSUIT comes with the catchphrase of one-size-fits all, since the suit stretches to fit over any body type. Some Twitter users have had fun with that catchphrase.

Others have seen its potential and predicted the death of traditional shopping.

Whatever the case may be, the ZOZOSUIT is making a huge splash. Pre-orders are available on the ZOZOTOWN website and it’s absolutely free. Obviously, ZOZOTOWN is hoping that the free fitting room product will boost sales of actual clothing.

Currently, the suits are set to ship out in Japan this July, so order now to make clothing shopping that much easier.


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