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YouTube Japan is its own beast. It’s got a personality all its own and has stars that are pretty much only known in Japan. That all seems to be slowly changing as Japanese YouTubers are beginning to form cult followings in other parts of the world.

Still, Japanese YouTube videos come in their own uniquely Japanese style. This is probably part of their appeal, and the same reason anime exploded into popularity over a decade ago in the West.

One thing that Japanese television places a large focus on is food. Food preparation, eating food, watching people eat food, talking about the taste of food. Japanese television stations have found that it’s a gold mine for rating, and Japanese YouTubers have put their own spin on this style of content.

This week on What’s Popular from Japanese YouTubers, we’re looking at the most popular food videos that have been uploaded over the last month.

#5 – Children Playing Children’s Toys

KuDo TV Nursery Rhymes & Kid’s Songs

That’s about the best approximation Google Translate can come up with for this title. It’s actually more like “Children Performing as Children’s Toys,” but that’s equally as weird, so whatever.

This video makes use of a kind of pantomime using child actors to tell the story of a watermelon that becomes extra large and causes havoc, so I guess technically there’s food involved in this video.

“What does that have to do with children’s toys?” you may be asking. There’s really no answer to that question. In fact, this video raises more questions than answers. It also doesn’t use any dialogue and instead has cartoonish sound effects for when characters are supposed to be speaking. That kind of format has always creeped me out.

With over 3 million views, KuDo TV must be doing something right.

#4 – Is there a way to be sure to apply Atari for sweets?

Hajime Syacho

Coming in at number 4 is a video from Hajime Syacho, who just so happens to be one of the most popular Japanese YouTubers in terms of subscribers and view count on his channel. (Spoilers: another of his videos takes the number 3 spot on this list).

Despite what Google Translate has come up with, this video is not about an Atari video game console. Atari, means “to hit” in Japanese, and that has nothing to do with the naming conventions of the classic console (it’s not even Japanese). Instead, Hajime is talking about “hitting” a winning wrapper in an ongoing contest with some common Japanese sweets.

A more accurate title would be “Is there really a way to be sure to hit a snack contest?” or something like that.

Basically, what this amounts to is Hajime opening a bunch of candy wrappers and never getting a single win. Almost two and a half million viewers can’t be wrong. This is entertainment.

#3 – Is it easy to avoid gumi 10 m? I can eat it with enough time.

Hajime Syacho

In this next most popular video, Hajime Syacho decides to eat 10 meters of a popular Japanese candy called Sakeru Gumi. This amounts to 25 of the 40 cm long candies. Over 3 million people have watched this video.

The rest of the video chronicles, Hajime’s attempt to get through eating 10 meters of this candy. He stops about halfway through to buy a fish fillet sandwich and some iced tea. He says it was just a short break says to buy the sandwich and drink, which help to get rid of the overly sweet taste of the candy.

And that’s it.

#2 -【No reading browse under 12 years old】 A gentle mother’s fearful real intention

<Kabushiki> Joy

Joy is a brand of dishwashing soap popular in Japan, so the following video is just an extended advertisement. The video starts with a warning that anyone under the age of 12 should skip watching this video. What are we getting ourselves into?

The first part of this video shows a housewife’s frustration at having to cook day in and day out for her child. If I had a child that runs in screaming about what he wanted to eat with not even a hello, I’d feel the same to be honest.

But, in the second part of the video, with the magic of Joy’s new dishwashing tablets, this mother’s attitude magically changes. I’m not sure why mothers wouldn’t want their children to know about the ease of washing dishes with dishwashing tablets.

Is it because of the tide pod challenge?

#1 -【Moisture prohibition】 We can not speak frankly if we do not do 10 with a large number of kinako sticks www


At the number one spot this week, is a challenge video from Fischer’s. At YouTube Fanfest in Tokyo, it’s pretty easy to say that Fischer’s were the stars of the show. When the event ran through lists of some of the most viewed videos of 2017, Fischer’s regularly had several videos on the lists.

What makes this foursome so popular? I’m not really sure, but in this video they’re eating another chewy Japanese snack with a powdery coating of kinako. Some of those toothpicks are marked with a red tip, but you have to eat the snack before you can find out.

These snacks are quite dry, and they each have to find 10 red-tipped toothpicks before they can give up eating the snacks and have a drink.

How many does it take to make it through the challenge? You’ll have to watch to find out.

This list was compiled 3/2/2018 using Tubular


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