fbpx VR Land Shibuya Gets a Solid C for Effort

Recently, we covered VR Land Shibuya’s VR boyfriend simulation. Dedicated readers may also remember the incompetent robot barista. Well, right next to that is an equally unimpressive VR attraction, VR Land Shibuya. ¥2,200 yen gets you a ticket to try all of the games.

A whole new world

Consisting of six different VR attractions, not only can you go on a date with a VR boyfriend, you can take a trip through a haunted hospital, dive into a reverse bungee jump, shoot at giant robots, dance with a pink-haired girl, and skip through time. Let’s take a closer look at each of these attractions.

Haunted Hospital

Get this away from me

In Haunted Hospital, you are led through an abandoned (and haunted!) hospital by a lovely young woman. She turns out to be a little (read: a lot) more sinister than she at first seems.

I cannot handle horror for the life of me. From the moment I put on those VR goggles, I was terrified. In fact, I screamed like a three year old throwing the temper tantrum of a lifetime. Several times. Honestly, there are probably three year olds who could probably stomach the experience better.

I cried

It was only after I’d taken my VR goggles off that I’d read the instructions for the VR haunted house. Apparently, I was supposed to look in mirrors and through windows to see ghosts and spirits. I was terrified enough just being led down dark hallways with flickering lights and a woman yelling at me in a language I don’t understand.

Ultra Reverse Bungee

Reverse bungee: space adventure

After the haunted house, the reverse bungee felt more relaxing than thrilling. It was actually pretty pleasant being launched up into space, then re-entering the atmosphere again. Kind of like being in a little rocket ship, but without all the stress on your body.


However, the destroying of buildings and explosions at the end might’ve been a little much. For me, rather than adding to the experience, it felt a bit overdone.

Blast x Blast

Prepare to save the city.

The shooter game was pretty entertaining. It used the HTC Vive and felt like a game that could actually be released for home use. Shooting down mini aircrafts and giant robots using the two controllers felt really good and responsive.

Take that, robot

The one downside, and this might’ve just been because my VR goggles weren’t adjusted properly, was that I felt like my eyes were seeing two different things, so it was quite difficult to aim. Regardless, I managed to emerge victorious, and rescued the city from impending doom. I probably looked pretty dumb doing it though.


Oh no

Now let me just say that I’m a terrible dancer. Horrific, even. The same generally extends to movement based rhythm games like DDR and Just Dance. That’s why I was so surprised that I passed level 1 of this VR rhythm game with ease. Then level two came along and shattered my hopes and dreams.

Dear flying pink-haired girl: please leave me alone

It almost felt as if the pink-haired girl hosting the game was mocking me with her unwavering smile and high pitched voice. Listen, I know I’m doing poorly, I know level two is meant to be easy, but I really didn’t need this condescending attitude from some random VR girl. Cut me some slack.

The Verdict

Bye, VR Land. You were okay, I guess

Is VR Land worth visiting? Not really, there are way better VR setups in Tokyo, like VR Zone Shinjuku. VR Land Shibuya is just a gimmicky place that’s half-heartedly thrown together. A couple of the games are fun, like the shooter game Blast x Blast, but Time Looper? Walking through recreations of historic cities? We didn’t even bother with that one.

Save your money for the robot barista. He sucks, too, but at least you’ll get a good laugh.


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