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If you’re an advertiser looking for an audience, then you should really start learning Japanese. For some reason, the most popular food videos on Japanese YouTube for the month of March are mostly made up of commercials.

A culture of commercial love is definitely out there–the Super Bowl being the prime example–but Super Bowl ads are usually big time events known for epic-ness and high production values. Here on our list, we have your everyday run-of-the-mill advertisements getting into the multiple-million views from Japanese audiences. It’s a seller’s market, indeed.

But of course, what would any “What’s Popular on YouTube Japan?” list be without a random kid-related video sneaking in among the rankings? One thing is for certain, those creators have mastered the art of keywords. We could all learn a thing or two… probably.

#5 – A Giant Green “Emu’s Egg” When Tasted was Dangerously Delicious!?


The boys at Fischer’s ordered an emu’s egg and hard boiled it. The usual Fischer’s hijinks ensues when cracking open and tasting the egg which was “dangerously delicious.”

#4 – Kubota Corporate Advertisement “There is a wall, so I will go,” British Water Environment Section


The Kubota Channel uploaded this 30-second spot has earned over 2.9 million views as of this writing. The series, “There is a wall, so I will go” also has an American version, advertising Kubota’s intent to branch out beyond Japan. Meanwhile, in Japan, Japanese YouTube viewers can’t seem to get enough of this series.

#3 – Barbie Mermaid Kokumin got hooked on??? Food Track Mud!!




#2 – Family Chicken vs. Yakitori


Back to the advertisements with FamilyMart. Who doesn’t love Chicken? Or grilled chicken? 5.9 million viewers have spoken of their love.

#1 – smile.Glico “71.8 SECOND LIFE”

Glico Japan

Glico Japan comes in at the number one spot with their advertisement 71.8-second life. That’s quite a specific number. But, hey, over 6 million people loved watching this little girl grow up in that time.

This list was complied on 3/30/2018 using Tubular.


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