fbpx YouTubers and Fans Unite at YouTube FanFest

The YouTube FanFest is going down in Tokyo again on Sunday, December 17. Every year the event gets bigger and bigger having started in a decently sized venue downtown to a full-fledged stadium this year.

Sure, you can watch your favorite YouTubers on a computer or whatever portable device you happen to have on you at the moment. But if you want to see them live, in person, in the flesh, then the YouTube FanFest is the place to be.

Check out this guy beat-boxing live

The idea to have an event where fans could watch their favorite YouTubers perform live started in 2014 in Singapore. Throughout that year the event traveled to such cities as Jakarta, Bangkok, Toronto, Sydney, and of course Tokyo.

In 2015, Tokyo YouTube FanFest took place in the modestly sized EX Theater Roppongi. Co-sponsored by Breaker (which you may be familiar with if you take a look at the header of this very web page), the 2015 event brought together an eclectic group of creators: Daichi, EGU-Splosion, FEMM, HIKAKIN, HiROKi, LADYBABY, Samuel Kaylor, Takarabe Ryoji, and many others. Chris Peppler came back for his second year at the head of the event.

You can check out the entire 2015 event right here!

Watch this guy do something… He’s really popular!

2016 saw the event move to the larger Tokyo Kokusai Forum venue, and 2017 is getting an even bigger boost. The event will be held at the one and only Tokyo Big Sight, and Breaker is once again involved co-sponsoring the event.

This year will see some big names from around the YouTubes appearing (some for their second or third time). There will also be plenty of new faces, as well as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (PON PON PON). Here’s the full list:

Tickets to this year’s event are already sold out, but you can of course watch everything live on the YouTube FanFest channel.


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